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WaveWall Anti-Radiation Laptop Black


Your lap sounds like the obvious place for your laptop to be but this exposes you to radiation and electromagnetic fields. The new WaveWall laptop case is anti-radiation protection for your most sensitive areas.

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Wireless technology uses electromagnetic fields to pass data to the network and this field is all around your electronic devices – including your laptop. Not only that but your laptop can get hot in your lap as well and the heat and wireless radiation have been found to do damage to a man’s sperm, even causing infertility.

WaveWall’s new laptop anti-radiation case has radiation-blocking fabric that protects the body and shields it from electromagnetic fields. It also reduces the heat from the laptop that passes to the testicles and ovaries that can cause damage. It doubles this protection for you with protection for your laptop as a stylish carrying case to prevent scratches and damage.

Posted on: February 13th, 2020