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Unisex Titanium Magnetic Bracelet Band


A great value for money unisex expandable magnetic bracelet.

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This elegant unisex bracelet contains 120 powerful magnets, within 20 links. Each link houses six magnets. Wear the bracelet as frequently as you like, the longer it is worn the greater the benefit from the magnetic fields. Bracelet length of approximately 7.5 inches is expandable. Over a period of time the magnets will encourage your body and blood to function at a more efficent level.

Using a magnetic bracelet is one of the easiest ways to combat the stress and strain of life in the 21st Century. In today’s world our bodies are continually bombarded by electrical debris and fall-out. Wearing this bracelet can help restore energy levels and give back some of the vitality that is depleted from the body. Wear the bracelet to releive wrist and hand discomfort including artritis.

Properly looked after this attractive piece of titanium jewelry should offer years of use. We have selected only top quality magnets and materials for this product. We recommend removing the bracelet if taking a bath, otherwise it can be left on indefinitely even when showering.

Magnetic therapy is drug free, completely safe and non-invasive. To get the most from this type of therapy we recommend drinking plenty of fresh water. This will enable the body to flush out the toxins that magnets help to release. Water carried through the body helps speed recovery and aids communication between the body cells and magnetic fields.

Contains 120 bio magnets
Bracelet Width: Approximately 1.2 cms /0.49″)
Perimeter: Approximately 20.8 cms/ 8.19″

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Posted on: February 13th, 2020