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Timmy the Energy Bear



Need a present or gift for your son or grandson? – consider Timmy The Energy Bear. Here is a new concept in cuddly toys. Reduced from £29.95 to £19.95.


Need a present or gift for your son or grandson? – consider Timmy The Energy Bear. Here is a new concept in cuddly toys.

The importance of light, air and the delights of wonderful garden smells is something we want for all our children.

Remember the joy of rolling around in fields, soaking up the goodness of being outside in fresh air with grass and flowers all around us.

No pollutants, pesticides or emissions from car exhausts. This is the ideal childhood we read about in story books, but how can we find it today when lifestyles have changed so much? Let Timmy help in some way by bringing the outside ‘inside’. With Timmy we have managed to capture some of the vital elements of our planet. Elements that we all need. Some of the natural resources that are available outside we have placed in Timmy are the basic natural elements of our universe, each of which is required for a balanced body.

Living inside concrete structures and moving around by car seriously deplete us of the earth’s natural magnetic and light fields we require and prevent them from playing the optimum part in our daily lives. Timmy is a simple lovable way of bringing a little of those benefits inside your home.

We also believe it is important for children to appreciate ‘smells’ again but not the chemical artificial factory produced ones. We suggest trying some of these selections by placing a drop of their favourite smell on Timmy’s red towelling pocket handkerchief. Some selections to try: • Calming – Camomile Oil • Balancing – Lavender Oil • Gently Fragrant – Rose Oil • Breathing – Eucalyptus Oil For children with asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies, hay fever, restless sleeping patterns etc. Help build up their immune system from the relaxing magnetic fields and infra red energy in the form of a comforting and breathable new material called photon platinum that sits inside Timmy’s tummy.

Timmy is completely safe and effective and is built to EN71 safety standards (legally required for all toys sold in the European Union) and has the *CE mark. *Since 1993, the CE Mark (with the “CE” originally standing for “Conformite Europeenne”) is a conformity mark (as opposed to a sign of quality of safety) that is used by toy manufacturers to show that their products meet all the relevant consumer safety, health or environmental requirements of the European Directive.

Posted on: February 13th, 2020