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Take Back Your Power 2017 edition on 16GB USB memory stick


Take Back Your Power. Award winning film by Josh del Sol on 16GB USB memory stick with bonus content Free post and packing within the UK.

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The award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of ‘smart’ utility meters. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home privacy invasions, systemic over-billing, extortion, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability. And be inspired by emerging solutions.

With compelling insight from whistle-blowers, government agents, lawyers, doctors, researchers and environmentalists, Take Back Your Power investigates the claimed benefits and emerging risks of a profit-based global initiative that seeks to change the way we live. What you’ll discover will surprise, unsettle and ultimately empower you.

Posted on: February 13th, 2020