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  • Chris Jagger (above) brother of Rolling Stones Mick uses the Magnessage to good effect.

  • Lightweight and portable the Magnessage becomes your personal therapist in the palm of your hand. Use it whenever you feel the need for pain relief.

  • The Magnessage has a unique field of penetration – up to 18” that makes it equally effective when used either in direct contact with the body or above the surface of the skin in sensitive cases such as bruising, cuts and burns.

  • With a revolving 12,300 gauss core/1,200 – 1,500 gauss surface Neodymium magnet housed inside the white casing of the product. Properly treated, this device should give good reliable treatments.

  • There is nothing quite like it on the market for the price, a PEMF machine (Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequency) in the comfort of your own home or office.

  • This is a precision instrument – do not drop or mistreat.

  • Comes complete with charger and carrying pouch together with a conditional one year guarantee.


I now have had time to speak with Adam Brett , Head of Medical Services at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. Firstly, with Adam’s extensive experience in sports medicine, he was aware of magnetic therapy, the uses for it, and the benefits it can offer. Therefore, he was happy to incorporate the Magnessage into his and his teams’ resources.

Adam has used the product within the club’s first team and academy environment over the past four to six weeks. He used it both as a supportive resource for injuries and rehabilitation by players as well as in isolation. Therefore, he felt it was given significant exposure and opportunity to demonstrate benefits within the high-performance football environment. Whilst recognising that the Magnessage will offer benefits to individuals, his primary concern is the value and benefits of the football (and maybe other high-performance sporting environments.)

The majority of the time he and his staff are under pressure to get players back and able to train and play as soon as possible. Therefore, whilst always being conscious of not rushing players back too quickly, there is a pressure on him and his team to get players treated quickly through some of the hands on more ‘traditional’ methods available. He has found it difficult to incorporate the product successfully into treatment programmes and be able to take the time to isolate the benefits attributed to it.

In addition, as you would expect, there was some scepticism from some people about the benefits of such treatments, although this is really down to a lack of education and mainstream knowledge of magnet therapy. In conclusion, Adam is prepared to keep the product and work with it where appropriate.

Posted on: February 11th, 2020