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Infield Terminator 9380 420 UV-400 Blue Light Blocking Safety Glasses


The blue light emitted by many electronic devices can cause eye damage. Protect your sight. These glasses shield your eyes perfectly whilst improving contrast and minimising eye strain.

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  • INFIELDs new UV-400+Blue-Blocker lens targets specifically blue light and UV in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Safety Glasses to full UV spectrum to 400 nm
  • Use around computers, laptops, i-pads and tv
  • 100% filter efficiency against blue light ( 400-490 nm )
  • Soft nosepads for improved user comfort
  • Perfect use for driving in your car
  • Ideal for hardening under blue light in medical professions.
  • Lens, PC SP AS UV-400 orange
  • Electromagnetic radiation ranging between 400nm and 490nm
  • Blue light is particularly hazardous to the human eye
  • Blue light can cause irreversible damage to the retina in high doses at close range
  • Shields eyes from LED street lights that can cause cataracts

Posted on: February 13th, 2020