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Earthing Silver Plush Pad


Introducing the “Grounded Beauty” all new Earthing Silver Plush Pad made using the highest quality conductive silver fabric.
Measures 46cm x 91cm (18″ x 36″).


This versatile product can be used almost anywhere, such as on a chair to sit on, behind your back, draped over your lap, or to lay on in bed. It is also of great benefit for pets.

The pad features a continuous silver fabric on one face, a quilted body, and a soft polyester backing.  Note that the photo shows the US version of the product.  The export version of the product is identical
This product set includes everything you need for use: the plush pad, a 6m (20ft) coiled cord, and your choice of Earth connection.

Please note: Due to the nature of silver, this product may show fading or discolouration spots after use and washing.  This does not affect the functionality of the product.  We cannot accept returns because of discolouration as this is simply the nature of the material.

Posted on: February 13th, 2020