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Pictures & Videos

As illustrated in the videos you can clearly see the calming influence the Magnessage has on animals. It is especially apparent in the cat footage as it shows it rolling over on its back and allowing the device to touch its belly, which in feline terms is a sign of trust.

In the video featuring the dog we see similiar results as the animal exhibits a relaxed nature throughout and is not discouraged by the noise or vibration of the Magnessage, but instead is seen getting very cosy.

Another noticable effect is the constant chirping displayed by the budgerigar that we believe signifies the calming magnetic waves that the device is emitting.

The pictures below show the Magnessage in use on both dog and cat.


The pictures below show the Magnessage in use on a dog, cat and horse.

Horse owner Katherine demonstrates the use of the Magnessage on two of her horses. The first horse is 15 year old Lokki and the second is only 2 years old Schazam and remains unbroken.

Within the footage you will see several behavioural characteristics from the animal which indicates a calm and satisfied response.

These include:

  • Lowering of the head
  • Salivating from the mouth