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  Important Information

It has come to our attention that certain web sites including Amazon and Ebay may or have been selling products purporting to be from Norstar that are not always authentic. Whilst we have sold on these platforms in the past we cannot guarantee the authenticity from any other seller apart from Norstar Biomagnetics who also trade as Kiki Ltd in the UK.

We have been official Norstar resellers for over 17 years and our merchandise is true and genuine. The only way to be certain of avoiding any scams is to purchase through an official reseller such as ourselves.

We provide a personal and dedicated service to our customers and prospective ones. Our company and staff are all members of the RSM (Royal Society of Medicine) and I.P.H.M. (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). We have a qualified magnotherapist who can answer any questions or queries you may have.

We also provide comprehensive information sheets specifically written to gain the maximum benefit from each product. A freephone number of 0800 473 0810 is provided for your convenience.

Norstar Biomagnetics Ltd also T/A Kiki Ltd is not affiliated in any way to Norstar Magnetics and the companies are two seperate entities.

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