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Stiff neck? Aching muscles? Painful back? Or even tension filled shoulders? We know the feeling, which is why we offer the best hand held massagers available to help relieve your pain and sooth your knots and niggles.

What is a handheld massager?

A hand held massager is an electronic device that works from either the mains electric sockets or ba...

Stiff neck? Aching muscles? Painful back? Or even tension filled shoulders? We know the feeling, which is why we offer the best hand held massagers available to help relieve your pain and sooth your knots and niggles.

What is a handheld massager?

A hand held massager is an electronic device that works from either the mains electric sockets or batteries. Massagers use either a vibrating motion or a rotating mechanism, that when pressed onto the skin has relieving affects, unwinding muscle knots, and relaxing tensions.

We all know the stresses of everyday life from work, to family, to things breaking and more. So taking the time to use a hand held massager and look after yourself a bit more can have wondrous effects on your body and overall wellbeing.

What types of hand held massager are available?

There are many types that work for a range of ailments, from long handled massagers for your back, to cushion type massagers for your neck and head. There are also battery operated massagers for those on the go, and ones that plug in to the mains for prolonged use.

Here is a list of the types of massagers available in todays market;

  • Deep tissue massagers
  • Homedics massagers
  • Facial massagers
  • Scalp massagers
  • Vibrating massagers
  • Hammering massagers
  • and many more.

Who can use or benefit from a massager?

Absolutely anyone can use and benefit from these fantastic devices. They’re not just for the older generations or for those with specific physical issues. They are a great tool for relaxing after you have played sports, had a hard day at the office, been on your feet all day, or even just fancy a pamper night. People of any age, from children to the older generations can benefit from a massage.

How do hand held massagers work?

Massagers use either vibration or a rotating hammer to un-work knots and send ripples through the muscles, this helps the muscle fibres to relax and change position. When we have knots or niggles in our muscles, the fibres can be spasming, or tightly clenched. These tools help un-work this to provide relaxation. Massaging your muscles on a regular basis, helps promote healthy muscles that can contract and release easily, therefore reducing the likelihood of muscle related injuries or issues.

The hammering motion uses a number of rounded discs that literally (but gently) hammer the muscles and forcing them to relax and unwind, whereas the vibrating version sends energy through the muscles causing a ripple effect to reach those deep tissue knots.

What are the benefits of handheld massagers?

The benefits of these massagers are huge and very varied. Whether you use your massager on a daily basis or a weekly, or even monthly basis, you can reap the benefits of a massage.

Here we go through the benefits you could reap;

Reducing aches and pains naturally (rehabilitation)

Hand held massagers are well known for the purpose of reducing aches and pains, and this is often the main purpose of purchasing one. But this can go further, handheld massagers can help take your rehabilitation forward. Rather than simply relying on your assessments with your doctors or physiotherapists, you can also relax at home and un-work your muscles in between your appointments.

Reduces stress

It’s widely known that if you’re physically relaxed, you reduce your stress levels. Making ‘reduced stress’ the second most important and effective benefit from these hand held beauties. As you relax your muscles, your mind relaxes. As the knots in your body become loosened and ease, it becomes easier for you to relax your mind and de-stress. When we have physical ailments or pains, this can often be the cause of our stress, so it makes sense to take time out of your day to massage these, and take away that causal effect.

Makes exercise more effective

If you exercise on a regular basis, your muscles are constantly being used. This usage can cause your muscles to become tight, therefore increasing your chance of cramps and muscle injuries. Using a hand held massager to get into those deep tissue areas, can have powerful effects on your ability to exercise. Muscles that are used to working out and relaxing become stronger and more flexible. It’s this flexibility that gives you a wider range of motion, allowing you to improve your exercise and become stronger overall.


Handheld massagers are great if you’re on the go. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a pamper evening or taking time out of each day to relax and unwind. So the fact that these tools can be plugged in anywhere or powered by battery makes them a great on-the-go gadget. Allowing you to relax wherever you end up!

Convenient and cost saving

Many massage treatments can be expensive and time consuming. Not to mention the fact that many of us cannot book weekly or more regular appointments to reduce our stress of physical ailments. Which makes these massagers even greater. They give you the option of a massage, whether deep tissue or a gentle facial massage, whenever you would like. The one off cost, means you achieve excellent value for money, as you don’t keep having to pay for regular spa or physiotherapy massages.


We’ve spoke about this one a lot so far, but relaxation deserves its own emphasis as a major benefit of hand held massagers. In our busy lives, it’s commonplace not to take time out to value relaxation and put energy into it. Yet the side effects to this are all positive and helpful to every other aspect of our lives. Which is why investing in a massager can have wondrous effects on your daily life.

Lowers blood pressure

It goes without question that the more you are stressed, the higher your blood pressure, but with a daily dose of relaxation through a massage, this can be reduced significantly. This major health benefit can work towards avoiding other major health issues.

Improves sleep

Again, this point is pretty self explanatory, but the more relaxed you are, the more relieved your physical ailments are, the better nights sleep you’re likely to have. Improving your sleep, much like lowering your blood pressure, can go a long way to avoiding more serious health issues further down the line.

Improves mood

Last but by no means least, improved mood! It goes without saying that the more relaxed you are, the more relieved you are from aches and pains, the happier you’re going to be.

Choosing your handheld massager

Choosing the right massager for your requirements is important. The most popular massager is the handheld back massager or the deep tissue massager, as these cover the parts of the body that are most likely to suffer aches and pains.


Is vibrating massage effective?

Vibrating movements and subsequent vibrations can stimulate nerves and relieve muscular tensions, and decrease stress levels. Vibrations at a slower pace are very effective in encouraging muscles to relax. Vibration massages can also help improve circulation and therefore overall health by allowing blood to pump through the body more easily.

Do hand held massagers work?

Yes. The vibrations or hammering movements help to stimulate circulation, muscle relaxation and overall body and mind relaxation. The benefits fo these can be varied, depending on where on the body you use them, how often you use them, and how long you use them for.

What conditions can handheld massagers help with?

If you enjoy any sports or physical activities then a handheld massager can help you a lot when it comes to your muscles recovering from the stress that has been put on them. If you have any circulation issues then these can also help improve this and flush out toxins from the body.

  • Muscle cramping
  • Stiff & Sore joints
  • Golfer elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • After workout, tense/frozen muscles
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Uric acid build up in Joints (arthritic conditions)
  • General sporting aches, pains & sprains
  • Aching muscles after exercise or race
  • Trapped Nerves

What are the advantages of using a handheld massager?

This is a great tool to relax with and offers non medical treatment for physical ailments. Handheld massagers can help improve circulation and metabolism due to increasing blood flow. This inexpensive method of treatment can help with most muscle related aches and pains and can be used at any time, saving you the trouble of booking appointments each week or month.

What are the disadvantages of electric massagers?

The disadvantage of electric massagers are mainly, the lack of a trained professional who can diagnose and relieve issues that you have not yet had diagnosed by a medical professional. The other main disadvantage is; if you do have an undiagnosed physical issue, an electric massager could make the issue worse. It is always best to seek medical help for your ailments first. If you know what your issue is and how it needs to be treated, then you will get the best benefits of electric massagers.

Are Hand held massagers good for arthritis?

In short, yes. Hand held massagers can greatly help reduce the aches of the muscles that are affected by flare-ups. The massagers wont unlock the pain totally but they will help reduce the pain in the affected area. They will also work towards overall de-stressing that some sufferers of arthritis have stated, can be a trigger for a flare-up.

When would I need to use a handheld massager?

There are a number of times in life that you may need a handheld massager, including injuries, relaxation treatments etc. here are a few of the reasons you may need to use a handheld massager in your lifetime;

  • If you take part in any sports or exercise & have experienced any reoccurring niggles, injuries or pains
  • You take painkillers for aches & pains
  • You have been recommended massage but don’t want to pay out for it every week
  • You want a quicker recovery time for your muscles
  • You want regular, quick & easy relief for joint pains
  • You want to ‘loosen up’ before a Golf or Tennis game
  • You want to speed up healing times of injuries
  • You want to increase blood circulation
  • You wish to prevent further development of an injury

Is it safe to use a handheld massager if you’re pregnant?

We always recommend you consult a doctor before using one if you’re pregnant, but for the most part, yes it’s safe, as long as you don’t go near the abdomen area.

Should I use a handheld massager on bare skin or over clothing?

In short, you can use a handheld massager in any capacity. If you have a rotating head massager, you may find that your clothing bunches up under the massager head, but other than that you shouldn’t have any issues with wither ways of using the massager.

Is it normal for your skin to turn red when using a handheld massager?

You may experience a reddening of your skin when using your handheld massager, this is just your blood flowing to the area and getting warm. Its usually no reason to worry, however if you are experiencing other issues at the same time, then you may need to consult a GP.


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