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    Water Coaster

    For treating a vast amount of conditions including colitis and eczema we recommend drinking magnetised water. Any water can be magnetised by placing a jug or glass on the magnetic block for a few minutes.

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    Body Wrap

    This wrap offers the best approach to relieving and repairing most parts of the body. Each single pad holds six of the highest grade neodymium magnets available, giving a six inch depth and radius of healing.

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    Power Strides

    Norstar's Powerstrides offer the user the freedom from discomfort in foot, ankle and calf areas whilst stimulating every reflexology point in the foot, increasing circulation and so improving energy levels.


Welcome to Norstar Magnetics

Magnet Therapy is often condemned by conventional medicine because of the lack of published studies. However, if the simple application of a magnet can control a pain condition it eliminates the need for normal drug based pain medication. This fact appears not to have gone unnoticed by the established pharmaceutical and medical supply industries who probably feel the need to discredit and discourage alternative therapies.

With the cost of health care spiralling and our population steadily ageing it is an undisputable fact that people are beginning to explore alternative therapies seriously and Magnet Therapy offers good results for a relative inexpensive outlay.

Magnets are believed to maintain the natural balance of the body. The outer surface of each nerve cell carries a positive charge while the internal cell carries a negative charge. When pain strikes the positively charged cell is supplied with more potassium by the blood which increases the positive charge. This in turn puts a powerful current through the cerebal neurons which triggers pain. 

Magnets are believed to maintain positive well being. A static magnetic field is an energy field by virtue of the movement of electrons. A negative magnetic field spins electrons to the left (anticlockwise) and the positive field moves electrons to the right (clockwise). Electron movement is the source of energy.

Products available include:

 Lumbar supports
 Knee wraps
 Body wraps
 Free from side effects
 Elbow wraps
 Pillow pads

 Elbow wraps
 Ankle wraps
 Carpal wraps
 Shoulder wraps
 Thumb wraps
 Neodymium magnets

 Magnetic pet collars
 Magnetic bracelets
 Magnetic insoles
 Magnetic coasters
 Stress busters

PLEASE NOTE: We charge £1.95 handling charge for Packing on all orders

Magnet Therapy is:

 Accepted and used by doctors and clinics world-wide
 Used by top professional athletes and their physiotherapists
 Safe and effective
 Free from side effects
 Non invasive
 Drug free
 The easiest way to combat modern living

Our Mission

To become a leading provider of the latest technologies in pain relief for numerous ailments.

Company Profile

Founded in 2007 we are Norstar Magnetics providing quality products for individuals or groups who have varying disorders.

We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses

For Surrey and Sussex Residents

Presentations to clubs, societies or groups in our area can be organised by appointment. In addition Magnet Therapy demonstrations at your home or work place can be accepted for a minimum of 6 people.

Across the Airwaves of Local Radio 

Our qualified practitioner Alan Cooke has appeared on Paul Miller's late night show to field questions on Magnet Therapy. The show went out live for an hour and took in the following counties: Berkshire, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex. The show was inundated with callers eager to find out more about the subject. Alan has also appeared as the special guest on Sylvie Blackmore's show on BBC Southern Counties 104.0 FM giving help and advice on the use of magnets.

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