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I have just finished a two year study into the effects of electrical man made pollution on the body and have been shocked at what I found. As a practitioner in health care I wanted to make you all aware of my discoveries and advise on ways that you can reduce the risk of becoming sick whether it be over the short term or longer periods.

Most of us have mobile (DECT) Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones in our homes now, these are the ones that you can move around the house with, but what you may not know is that they radiate harmful fields that throw the cells in our bodies out of alignment.

Now I am not trying to scare anyone but simply make you aware that this is fast becoming an epidemic issue. If you have a cordless telephone in the house please view the following video link. It lasts around 15 minutes but may be the best information you have gathered for many years.

This is not the only wireless radiation to be contaminating our homes and offices because the pollution is made much worse by all the other wireless devices including the mobile phones that are carried around on our daily journeys.

I have found most people unaware of these dangers with others citing the fact that the government would have informed us if there was anything unsafe. Well, I remember way back when there was no link associated between smoking and lung cancer. And what about leaded petrol, asbestos and more recently diesel cars? Now it is being reported that diesel fumes are damaging our health and the environment. If more studies had been undertaken in the earlier stages particularly in regard to smoking and asbestos, more lives would have undoubtedly been saved. The technology is already in existence to make safer products but the government deny there is a problem.

The energy and telecommunications companies will not inform you as they are running multi-billion pound industries and do not want to worry you, but if people were made more aware of the damage this wireless revolution is causing, both now and in the future, these organisations would be forced to develop safer products or face going out of business.

Worryingly, children are even more susceptible to this, but all specialists on this topic agree on one thing, it affects 100% of the population in one way or another. Did you know we have the highest permitted wireless tolerance levels not only in Europe but the entire world? When the government sold off the 3G contracts for mobile phones in 2000 it netted them a staggering 23 billion pounds.

Finally, I am now staging talks on this subject through local groups, at village halls, seminars etc so if you would be interested in setting up a talk or attending an event please let me know or leave your contact details via our reply service below. You can submit an experience of your own or just learn more by contacting our dedicated website at:


or call 01403 251733

Alan Cooke IPHM

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